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Who am I?

My name is Ilsa Potter and I have always been interested in social law and legislation. In this case information about the UWV with the focus on the WIA benefit (WIA uitkering) and sickness benefit (ziektewetuitkering). These are facilities in the Netherlands with the purpose to help people. The UWV is there to support people that are not able to work anymore (temporarily or permanently).

Why about the UWV?

Because I have had problems myself in the past with the UWV not knowing the rules of these semi-government organizations. In my case it was about a sickness benefit (ziektewet uitkering) and the WIA benefit (WIA uitkering). I was not properly advised myself and didn’t know all the rules. When I started to investigate what is possible if you know the rules a new world opened for me. The new knowledge and getting to know the right people to help you have changed my life for the better.

Motivation for the WIA blog and e-book

In the past few years I saw how nice, good and honest people around me struggled with the UWV. An important reason was their lack of knowledge of the rules and regulations from the UWV. They didn’t know how to get the most out of their situation. While the UWV surely knows all the rules and they have complicated rules.


I started helping people around me by supporting them with useful advice about the law and regulations at the UWV. I always liked to deliver a positive contribution to the lives of other people around me. In this case they saw new changes and possibilities for themselves.


I knew there was a better way.

I made this WIA blog with information about the WIA benefit. In addition, I have written an e-book ‘how to survive the UWV’.  If you have been sick for a while and you received a sickness benefit (ziektewetuitkering) before, after 2 years you need to apply for the WIA benefit and go to the WIA consultation. The e-book offers practical advice and tools to prepare for the WIA consultation (WIA keuring).

About: WIA consulattion with the insurance doctor at UWV.
WIA consultation with the insurance doctor at UWV

Why an e-book about the WIA benefit consultation with the insurance doctor?

I started to write about the WIA consultation because:

  • I noticed the advice on different websites were regular and not complete.
  • not a lot of advice and tools are given about the preparation for the WIA consultation.
  • you can get the maximum out of your situation without spending lots of money to consultants.

 No one else seemed to do something with it, so I decided to make an e-book with all my practical advice:

  • how you can prepare for the WIA consultation
  • get the confidence you need to go tot he WIA consultation
  • you know what is important to do and what not to do during the WIA consultation.

Attention: the e-book is only available in Dutch.

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