Benefit WIA: welcome to this homepage

  • Are you sick and not able to work at the moment?
  • Are you going to apply for the WIA benefit at the UWV?
  • Don’t you know what to expect?
  • You don’t know what your duties and especially your rights are?
  • Are you stressed because of the WIA consultation with the insurance doctor (verzekeringsarts) from UWV?
  • You already have experience with a WIA consultation but so far with no good results?
WIA benefit Netherlands: how does it work?
WIA benefit Netherlands

To be rejected or only receiving a low amount of the WIA benefit often results in big financial consequences. This is why it is very important to prepare well to the WIA consultation (WIA keuring). I want to help you and I have written blogposts and an e-book to:

  • learn to know your rights.
  • how you get the best results with a smart approach.
  • what you can do to prepare for the WIA consultation at the UWV.

You want this too?

Take action!

Learn all you need to know about the WIA benefit. My e-book ‘How to survive the UWV’ is the utimate guide to prepare for the WIA consultation and get the best results.

Attention: the e-book ‘How to survive the UWV’ is only available in Dutch. If more people are interested in this e-book it will be translated to English in the future. The revenue of the e-book will be used for maintenance of this website.

At you get:

  • regular information about the WIA benefit. Read the free e-book ‘wia benefit for beginners’ and learn the basics about the WIA benefit fast and easy.
  • explained how you apply for the WIA benefit;

You learn:

  • what to expect from a labor expert (arbeidsdeskundige);
  • the tasks of an insurance doctor from UWV (verzekeringsarts)

You get:

  • tools and practical advice for the best preparation if you go to the WIA consultation. For more information read the regular information about the WIA consultation in my blogpost.

I want to help you to get through this difficult time. Because of your sickness a lot of things have changed in your life. A lot of new procedures and regulations are crossing your path. That is why I want to help you how the rules and regulations from the UWV are working. This gives you an advantage in order to get the best results. Because the WIA consultation is very important the focus in my e-book ‘how to survive the UWV’ is on the preparation for the WIA consultation with the insurance doctor and labor expert.


‘Ik kon moeilijk stoppen met lezen omdat ik het heel interessant vond ondanks ik niet in de doelgroep zit. Je hebt veel zelfreflectie en ook humor. Ik vind het e-book goed in elkaar gezet, overzichtelijk en goed opgebouwd.’
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