Insurance doctor UWV: learn what you can expect!

What does an UWV insurance doctor do?

An insurance doctor is there to assess your medical situation. For this you will be called up to the insurance doctor during consultation hours at UWV. The insurance doctor will assess your WIA application based on the medical data. These data are the findings of the company doctor you visited before during the first 2 years of sickness, and the results provided by your own doctor/specialist/therapist. You will also be asked for an overview of the medication you are taking and which treatments you are taking. Your psychological and physical health will be examinated.

A general question that is asked is why you cannot work at the moment. An hour is normally scheduled for the interview. Your medical results from your own specialist and company doctor from your current company (medical data) in combination with this consultation at the UWV office form the basis to fill out a Functional Opportunities List (FML). In this FML form your limitations will be written down (the complaints that are the cause you are not able to work).

Read in my blog WIA consultation UWV for WIA benefit how to be well prepared for the consultation and how you can prepare well for the consultation with the insurance doctor.

After this conversation, this FML list is sent to the Labor expert. You can read what you can expect from a meeting with the labor expert in the blog Labor expert: well prepared to the consultation.

Insurance doctor UWV consultation
Insurance doctor UWV consultation

Your capacity to work determined by insurance doctor

The capacity to work will be examined during the consultation. This means how you function in everyday life. This is about what you can or cannot do because of your complaints. This can be both physical and psychological complaints.

How is your capacity to work assessed?

The capacity to work is assessed by studying your medical results. As mentioned above, these are the details of your company doctor or own specialist/ doctor/ therapist. During the consultation , questions are asked about your physical and psychological health. Questions are also asked about how you function in daily life. Based on the medical results and the interview, an estimate is made of which activities you could still do. The conversation also serves as a check to see if what you are saying corresponds with your medical situation. A decision based on the medical results and the information you provide will be made by the insurance doctor. That decision therefore has to do with what you could handle in terms of your capacity to work.

Telephone number UWV

You can contact the insurance doctor by telephone if you have any questions. You can then call the UWV, after which you will be called back. The employee of the UWV customer contact center will never ask for data relating to your health.
Telephone number UWV: 088 – 898 9294

Send a letter to the UWV insurance doctor

You can also send a letter to the insurance doctor. This is the case, for example, when your health situation changes. Or if you have received a form that requires you to return data to the UWV, you can submit this online by going to the UWV site and completing the change form.


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