Payment dates UWV: when do I get my WIA payment ?

Payment dates and WIA benefit.

Payout WIA 2021

22th of January 2021
23th of February 2021
23th of March 2021
23th of April 2021
21th of Mai (also holiday allowances)
23th of June 2021
23th of July 2021
23th of August 2021
23th of September 2021
22th of October 2021
23th of November 2021
17th of December 2021 (this paydate might change)
Betaaldata WIA 2021

The payment dates from UWV when you have a WIA benefit are fixed. Please take notice it might take 3 days from the payment date to the date the payment is on your bank account.

When you get your payment depends on what kind of UWV benefit you receive. Both the WAO, WIA, Wajong and WAZ have fixed payment dates. You always get your payment afterwards and on a monthly base.

Please see below list with an overview of all the payment dates in 2021.

Find out more about the payment dates UWV
Payment dates UWV

Payment dates WIA and holiday pay/allowances (vakantiegeld)

The holiday allowances is not mentioned in the schedule of payment dates because it will be paid in full in May each year together with your benefit. For questions about your payment please contact UWV by phone via: 088-8989294.

The holiday allowance is paid every year in May and you will also receive it once your benefit has ended.

If you receive a sickness benefit (ziektewetuitkering) you receive the holiday allowance not in May in full every year but you receive a bit of the holiday allowance every month included in your sickness benefit. Learn more about the WIA benefit in my blog Apply for WIA: how it works step by step.

On the website of you can find the Dutch information about the payment dates.


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