WIA re-examination: how does it work?

Request a re-examination of the WIA benefit

The WIA re-examination and how it works will be explained in this blog. You will be re-examined by the UWV when you receive a WIA benefit. The re-examination is done by the insurance doctors (verzekeringsartsen) and labor experts (arbeidsdeskundigen) of the UWV. Both you and the UWV or your (ex) employer can request a re-examination. You can find out all about the WIA examination in my blogpost WIA consultation: how to prepare.

WIA re-examination: when?

Is your health getting worse or you see an improvement in your health during your WIA benefit? In that case, you must notify the UWV yourself. There is a duty to provide information, which means that every change in health must be communicated with the UWV. If you don’t do this or do not do this on time, the UWV can give you a fine. This will cost you money. If the UWV thinks that a re-inspection is needed due to your information, you will automatically receive an invitation. Is there self-insurance (eigenrisicodragerschap) from your ex-employer? This means that the (ex) employer will still be responsible for your reintegration process for up to 10 years. The ex-employer then largely takes over the role of the UWV.

Re-examination request by the UWV

In addition, the UWV itself can also request a re-inspection. Your current situation will then be reviewed and compared to how it was. The UWV will check whether in your current situation there are again possibilities to reintegrate or work. Taking a course or training that could increase the opportunities on the labor market is also an option.

WIA re-examination: how often?

The UWV normally invites you twice a year for the re-examination. You need to appear at the consultation hour with the insurance doctor. Sometimes it may be that this contact moment is up to 4 times a year or less. This differs per person. It is also possible that the UWV only maintains contact with you by telephone for a period. These contact moments can be via a ‘procesbegeleider’ or job coach. This differs per case and it also plays a role whether the UWV has enough insurance doctors (verzekeringsartsen) in-house. This is to ensure that every person who receives a WIA benefit is regularly invited for the re-examination. Due to delay in the past some disabled people haven’t received an invitation for re-examination for years.

wia benefit netherlands: re-examination
wia benefit re-examination at UWV

WIA re-examination: what will be examined?

As mentioned earlier, your health will be re-examined during the re-examination. The UWV will then examine whether there are new opportunities to work. The insurance doctor (verzekeringsarts) and the labor expert (arbeidsdeskundige) are involved in this. A new calculation is made. The calculation is about the percentage you are not able to work. Are you completely not able to work? Has your health become even worse or is it expected that you will not recover? Then it can be checked during the re-examination whether you could request for an IVA benefit. You receive an IVA benefit when you are completely not able to work for the next years. If the chances of recovery are very low you can also apply for the IVA benefit.

Re-examination and the decision of the UWV

You will receive a letter from the UWV within 8 weeks after you have had the re-examination. Pay attention to the date that the UWV applies within which period the new decision will be made. The new decision as a result of the re-examination can be very important because your disability percentage may be changed. If your disability percentage is changed, this will affect the amount of your benefit.

Re-examination and objection

Suppose, you have received the new decision from the UWV and you do not agree with it. You can then object to the decision within 6 weeks. You can make a notice of objection (bezwaarschrift) for two reasons. Firstly, if the decision of the UWV has to do with a medical judgment. Secondly, if you do not agree with the new disability percentage you can also apply. If you need to wait for information from specialists, you can also submit a provisional notice of objection (voorlopig bezwaar). This must therefore be done within 6 weeks. You will then have more time to collect all the information you need and to prepare. More advice about making a notice of objection you can find in my e-book: ‘How do I survive the UWV-On the way to a successful WIA inspection.

WIA benefit re-examination UWV
WIA benefit UWV re-examination

Re-examination of WIA within 5 years

Normally you will be examined every year during the 1st 5 years of the WIA benefit . This is the case when there is still a chance that your health might improve. Were you declared partially not able to work during the re-examination? You have therefore been declared partially recovered? Are you asked to be able to work partially ( your WIA benefit will be lower). You will then receive the WGA benefit from the WIA benefit. Are you completely not able to work? Is it expected that you remain and stay in the situation meaning you are not able to work? Then you will continue to receive the IVA benefit.

WIA re-examination and revival of benefit

Did you start working within five years you had a WIA benefit because you were reported fully recovered? Did you became sick again within those 5 years? Are you having the same complaints you had the first time you received your WIA benefit? Then you are again entitled to your old WIA benefit. In other words, your old ended WIA benefit will then be continued. If you were entitled to an IVA benefit within those 5 years, the 5-year period does not apply. For both the IVA and the WIA benefit, you must have become sick with the same cause. So this means you are sick now with exactly the same cause of sickness as the first time.


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